COVID-19: Regular Update (2)

A new week has started and with our goal to keep the Track Day community up to date on the most important developments surrounding COVID-19 and our hobby, we tried to compile the list of measures currently relevant for our core markets:

  • Germany
  • Benelux
  • France


There have been some good news for petrolheads in Germany. On Friday, 24th April the Nürburgring released a statement, that the Nordschleife will open for Tourist-Drives on the 30th April. They have developed a COVID-19 concept which ensures that the contact between drivers is reduced to a minimum.
This includes among others:

  1. Tickets can only be bought online
  2. All parking spots around the track are closed
  3. No more than 2 people at a time in a car. Also, you are not allowed to take different passengers around the track for a drive

Similarly, the first Track Day at Bilster Berg (although with just 10 cars) is scheduled on the 29th April.

As we already said during our last update, we are continuously working on our own Corona-Package. As we are already using our online check-in and E-Briefing, our focus is on planning the process on-site and setting up a plan of how to keep personal contact to a minimum.

Concerning our Track Day at Bilster Berg, we will try to get in touch with the local health authorities in order to discuss how we can ensure that our event can take place safely on the 12th June!

Overall, Germany will start to ease the lockdown from the 4th May onwards. While there is a general ban on mass gathering and festivals until the 31 August. Seeing that most Track Days are below 100 people, we do not think any of the upcoming events will be affected by this regulation.


Belgium too is gradually easing the virus lockdown in several phases.

As a first step, B2B business and industrial activities can restart on the 4th May. However, this for sure means that race tracks will remain closed and any type of track day will not be permitted.

Starting on the 11th May, most stores will be allowed to open their doors under strict conditions such as safety measures for staff and the maximum number of people in one store. Anything involving very close contact such as hairdresser will remain closed.

From 18th May, the government considers reopening museums and will possibly allow gatherings of several people in relation to marriages and funerals. Daytrips in Belgium and activities (physical) with more than two people may be permitted as well.

The last phase, set to start on the 8th June is most likely the point where we can think about any sort of track event going to happen. While restaurants and bars a planned to open, the government also considers allowing travelling, both within the country and abroad as well as the reopening of tourist attractions and smaller open-air events.

Including our team and excluding any passengers you may take; we will not be more than 65-70 people during a fully booked event. We will get in touch with the track operators and continuously update you on any new developments!

We are looking at our Track Day in Mettet a bit more optimistic than we did in the beginning of this month. Let us keep all fingers crossed!


The French government is considering gradually lifting the lockdown by May 11th. What this means exactly is a bit vaguer than what we are seeing in other countries.

However, there have been several reports, that racetracks may open their gates for professional activities form May 11th and the broader public potentially from the 15th June. As our Track Days will really exceed a total 100 people, we do not see ourselves being affected by the ban of large events.

It seems like we have to wait until May 11th for a more specific statement, but we remain positive regarding our Track Day in Dijon on the 31st July this year!

As always, please let us know in case you have any further questions!

Please be aware, that we cannot guarantee the correctness of the statements above. Let us know if you have any other updates regarding the situation!

Stay healthy!

  • Your GP Days Team

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