COVID-19: Regular Update (4)

Hi everyone,

It is again time for a new update regarding our Track Days during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are incredibly happy, that during this week’s newsletter we have some good news to share!

As always, we tried to compile the most recent developments of all countries relevant to our Track Days – Belgium, France, and Germany.


Well, let us start with some awesome news: Our Bilster Berg Trackday on the 12th of June has been confirmed last week!

In general, we noticed that many other Track Days in Germany start to run again from the 11th of May which is amazing news for everyone. Of course, a Track Day during the current COVID-19 goes hand in hand with some restrictions and regulations. However, everything is manageable and so far, it seems the impact on us Track Day enthusiasts is not too severe. Rest assured, we will soon release an overview of everything – especially regarding Bilster Berg - you need to be aware of during a Track Day with GP Days.

Hotels, Airbnbs, and restaurants are equally set to gradually open during the coming weeks. We were already able to book our teams' accommodation for our Track Day at Bilster Berg and are more than excited! Let us know if you need any help with finding the right place for you to stay!

Nevertheless, we would like to remind everyone that we are not out of the danger zone yet. We must follow the instructions of the local authorities at all times. As a result, we decided to apply a zero-tolerance policy for any sort of breaches during our Track Days - more on this soon.


Belgium is also gradually easing the restrictions. While competitive events are expected to be prohibited until the 31st of July, the future of “non-competitive” Track Days looks a bit brighter. We don't know exactly which restrictions apply at this stage but will keep you informed of the policies applicable in Belgium.

All fingers are crossed for our Mettet Track Day on the 23rd of June and let us hope for the best! You can be sure that we keep you updated as soon as we hear about some new developments.


In France, the situation seems to relax as well. From today (11th May), racetracks and outdoor karting circuits will open again. However, the exact measures and restrictions surrounding the reopening are not entirely clear yet.

At the moment, it seems that people are only allowed to travel within a 100km radius of their home. This means that for many, a trip to the circuit is not possible yet. Nevertheless, we see the recent developments as a positive sign for the coming weeks and months and hope, that our Track Day in Dijon on the 31st of July can run as planned!

We are extremely happy to be given the opportunity to follow our passion and get back on track. However, after all the positive news today, we also want to stress that the situation seems incredibly fragile. Increasing infection rates could mean the end of Track Days once more, as governments will most likely impose restrictions and bans again. Please respect whatever sanitary measures are being put into place so we can show everyone, that enjoying a day on the circuit does not increase the risk of spreading the virus.

Stay healthy!

  • Your GP Days Team