COVID-19: Regular Update (5)

Hi everyone,

this week we can only offer you a short update, but it is again a good one!


In Germany, Track Days are running – albeit some restrictions – at the moment. If you are interested in what those restrictions look like, check out the guidelines we published for our Bilster Berg Track Day HERE. They reflect the restrictions and measures currently put into place by the local authorities.


In Belgium, Track Days are seemingly getting back to normal. Last week, Skylimit Events hosted their first event after the Corona-Break in Zolder. In addition, we received good news from the circuit Mettet, that first events are being allowed as well.

For our Mettet Track Day on the 23rd of June, we now must wait until the border open for EU-Travel again. As this is scheduled for around the 8th of June, we are optimistic that our Track Day can go forward as planned.


We received promising news from the management of the Circuit Dijon Prenois. Starting on the 15th of June, Track Day operations are set to resume including the involvement of foreign drivers. This correlates with the decision of the French authorities, that borders are being reopened for touristic travel from then on as well.

Those are some very positive signs making us more optimistic that we can enjoy our Track Day on the 31st of July as planned. As of now, we have still a couple of spaces left.

We have all our fingers crossed that more positive news is being published over the course of the next week. At the moment, it seems like we may be able to have a second half of the year with more Track Day activity than we would have expected a couple of weeks ago.

Please contact us in case you have any questions!

Stay healthy!

  • Your GP Days Team