COVID '21: Update #1

With our first Track Days in Dijon and Mettet coming closer, we thought it is a good idea to reestablish our regular COVID-Updates to keep you up to date on the latest developments and possible restrictions we may be facing!

To keep it short, we will only look at the restrictions in France and Belgium, as our first Track Day in Germany (Bilster Berg) will be in June - so there is still plenty of time left!


The situation in France remains quite difficult. While Track Days are seemingly allowed to run in many places, as of now, we are facing the following restrictions:


In the Departement Cote D'Or (Dijon) and in fact in many other regions, a curfew is in force from 6:00 pm - 6.00 am. This means, that you are not allowed to leave your accommodation except for some very limited set of activities (such as going to the doctor). 

Travel Restrictions:

While residents of the European Union (incl. Switzerland) are generally allowed to enter the country, they have to produce a negative COVID-Test (PCR) upon entry that is no more than 72h old. As of now, it does not seem clear when those restrictions will be lifted. Seeing that we have about 6 weeks left until our first Track Day at Dijon, there is still time left - but not that much! We will keep you updated, as soon as we have more insights on what is going to happen!


Well, the Belgians have once again put travel restrictions into place (godverdamme) which prohibit any sort of touristic travel. For now, those measures are in force until the 1st of March. Of course, nobody can say whether those will be prolonged or not. Otherwise, Track Days from local organisers seem to go ahead according to plan. As we have a bit more than 2 months left, we should not get too worried about all of it at this stage.

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  • Your GP Days Team

Disclaimer: We do not take any responibility for the correctness of the above mentioned information. If you have any other information on the current restrictions, please let us know!