COVID '21: Update #3 (Dijon "Special")

For our third COVID-19 update, I thought it is a good idea to focus on our "Season-Opener" in Dijon. To make the information as relevant and valuable as possible, I looked at all the registered drivers to see, where they are from.

Like last year, the majority of drivers comes from Switzerland. In addition, we also have people from Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. Unfortunately, the drivers we had arriving from the UK had to cancel at an earlier stage due to the travel restriction imposed by their government.

Before we get into it: Please take everything I say with a grain of salt. I am definitely not an expert on the current restrictions and the rules in all the countries - I am just trying to help you navigate through what is going at the moment.

I will link all sources on which I am basing my assumptions with you, so you can double-check. Please let me know if you have any information, that goes against what is stated in the post.

Let us start with Switzerland:

As someone living in Switzerland, you will have to produce a negative COVID-Test (PCR) upon entering the country. 

However and on a more positive note, according to the current guidlines (starting on the 22nd of February), you are not obliged to produce a negative COVID-Test or go to quarantine upon reentering Switzerland.

Source: Federal Office of Public Health (LINK)


As of January 27th and until the 1st of March, Belgium has imposed a ban on all non-est our Track Day is on the 21st of March, all of you from Belgium are fine at the moment. However, none of us knows, whether the current measures will be prolonged. I guess we just need to wait and see, how the situation in Belgium evolves.

Source: (LINK)


Everyone from Germany is generally allowed to travel, however, to enter France, you need a negative COVID-Test (PCR) as well.

France is labelled a "Risk Area" not a "High-Risk Area". As a result, you are obliged to quarantine for 10 days after returning to Germany. If you take a test 5 days after entering and it is negative, you can end the quarantine early.

Source: Robert-Koch Institut (LINK)


Like all other countries, you will need to produce a negative COVID-Test (PCR) is required upon entering France. However, there do not seem to be any other rules and no restrictions when you return to the country.

Source: The Luxembourg Government (LINK)

Where do we stand?

The current situation is still difficult. Last week, we contacted the the management at Dijon in order to evaluate all possible options. As we have not receive a reply so far, I cannot really tell you anything new at this point. 

It is quite clear, that the thing spoiling the "Track Day Fun" the most, is the requirement to produce a negative COVID-19 Test (PCR) upon entering France. Rest assured, I would never expect anyone to go through all the administrative hassle to obtain a negative test result just to drive around in a circle for a day.

However, the situation would be significantly easier, if France decides to stop requiring a negative test result upon entry. Especially for all the drivers from Switzerland and Luxembourg, the situation would become much more relaxed.

I cannot find any information on when France is discussing a possible update to its current measures. So if anyone has a reliable source on this, let us know!

We will try our best to keep you updated!

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