COVID '21: Update #6 (Mettet Confirmed - (For Now))

Many of you might be wondering what the tougher restrictions Belgium introduced yesterday mean for our Track Day on the 9th April!

Today, we got confirmation from the Circuit Management in Mettet, that our Track Day will go forward as planned.

It is important to say, that the situation may still change! As of now, it is looking quite good though.

We are extremly happy to see all of you on track soon! 

All participants will receive additional information including the current COVID-guidelines in our E-Briefing (to be released on 28th March).

We have implemented a fully digital registration including our Online Briefing as well as an Online Liability Waiver to ensure we can run a 100% contactless Track Day.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via:

  • Falk