COVID '21: Update #7 (Bilster Berg)

In about 3 weeks we’ll be at Bilster Berg. Luckily, the COVID-situation seems to relax a little and we are hoping to run a fairly “normal” Track Day!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any specific news for you at this moment. Most events at Bilster Berg have been cancelled until mid-May. However, I had a chat with the circuit management last week where they told me, that our Track Day will go ahead!

We are expecting to receive an update on Monday (17th May) including the COVID-rules for our Track Day. We will of course let you know as soon as possible - probably on Tuesday! Our E-Briefing and E-Waiver will be released next Saturday (22nd May). As always, you’ll receive a separate reminder.

We can’t wait to welcome you again on track!

See you soon!

  • Falk