GP Academy #4: E-Briefing 101

GP Days Track Day E-Briefing Online Briefing Explained 101

Since the COVID-pandemic hit, many of you will have already been in contact with an Online Track Day Briefing (E-Briefing) in some form or another.

When we founded GP Days in 2019, we already had this idea and implemented it which - at least in my imagination - made us one of the first to go down this route, regardless of COVID.

In this short blog post, I want to quickly guide you through why we think an E-Briefing is the way to go as well as the most commonly asked questions surrounding the process.


Having experienced many of the "classic" driver briefings (usually early in the morning), I noticed one thing: Almost nobody really pays attention!

Be it due to most people not being fully awake yet, not understanding what is being said, chatting to their mates or playing on their phones. In the end, I'm convinced that the traditional in-person briefing is and shall be a thing of the past.

With the E-Briefing, we want to ensure that...

  • All participants pay more attention to the safety instructions
  • Have more time to ask questions before the actual Track Day

...and thereby increase the driving standards and safety during our Track Days.

Especially the fact that participants can now complete the Briefing from the comfort of their home, usually increases the likelyhood of them really taking in the most important points and putting them to action once on the track.

By implementing an Online Liability Waiver (E-Waiver), the main piece of paperwork has been digitalised, saving you additional time in the morning and making our check-in process one of the fastest and easiest there is.


Completing your GP Days E-Briefing is simple. You just need to follow the steps below:

I. Find and enter the E-Briefing Room for your Track Day

You can either access the E-Briefing section by clicking on "E-Briefing in the navigation bar above, or by following the Link in the Booking Confirmation E-Mail you've received after booking your Track Day.

Afterwards, you simply need to enter the Briefing Room of the Track Day you have booked.

II. Complete the E-Briefing

The E-Briefing is divided in a "General Briefing" (the most important!) which helps you to understand the basic rules, driving etiquette and flags. In addition, you will find a "Track Briefing", which will give you specific information about the circuit you have booked.

To complete the E-Briefing, please watch the videos and read the presentations provided in the E-Briefing Room.

III. Online Liability Waiver (E-Waiver)

The Online Liability Waiver (E-Waiver) is another integral part of our E-Briefing process. By signing the E-Waiver, you aknowledge the risk of participating in a Track Day and remove liability from us - GP Days - regarding any potential accidents or damages you cause. 

Having to sign Liability Waiver is standard practice. Without having done so, you will not be allowed to participate in the Track Day. You can find an example HERE.

The E-Waiver is easily accessible via a link in the E-Briefing room and can be completed on your computer, tablet, or phone.

Please do not forget, that each additional driver and passenger needs to complete a seperate E-Waiver before the Track Day. You can simply forward the Link we have provided in the E-Briefing.

IV. Other information provided in the E-Briefing

The Online Briefing Room will also include additional information such as:

  1. Track Day Schedule
  2. Track Day Check List
  3. Any other additional information you need for your Track Day


Once you have completed the steps above, you should be optimally prepared for your Track Day!

Never forget that you can always get in touch with our Team via to ask questions regarding the E-Briefing and anything else!

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