New Support System

Every day, we are receiving more and more questions regarding our events, how to prepare your car for our Track Days, and many other related topics - and it makes us extremely happy! After just having founded GP Days (at last it seems like it), it is amazing to feel our community growing more every day, and to be honest, we would not have imagined a development like this right from the beginning.

That is why we now implemented a professional support ticketing system for all our major communication channels (Homepage, E-Mail, Facebook and Instagram) to organise and handle the high volume of messages we receive each day. 

By doing so, we want to keep our response times as short as possible and make sure that we can answer all the questions we are receiving. In the end, nothing will really change for you. Simply get in touch with us via our Contact Page, through Facebook or Instagram and we will take care of the rest!

We cannot wait to hear from you!

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