COVID-19 and the 2021 GP Days Track Day Season

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With many European countries already in or going into some form of lockdown, the start of the 2021 Track Day Season seems more uncertain than we imagined a couple of weeks ago.

As you can imagine, we thought long and hard about what to do and how to proceed. After all, 2021 is planned to be the year where we really get going and offer you much more Track Days than before!

In the end, we decided to take the risk. At the moment, we are working towards starting our season without any delays at the end of March with our Season Opener on the Circuit Dijon Prenois. Not only do the calendars of the tracks fill up quickly anyways during this time of the year, but with many events being postponed or cancelled in 2020, it seems like demand is extremely high for the upcoming season. So our priorty is to lock-in the dates as soon as possible.

We have to admit, that last year went better than expected. Luckily, we only had to postpone our first Track Day at the Circuit Mettet in the beginning of April. All our other Days were sold out with waitlists long enough to easily compensate for what COVID threw at us. 

Anyways, what are the choices at the moment? We could put our heads in the sand, be passiv and wait what's going to happen, or keep on working and take all precautions to be ready when all of us are allowed to get back on track again! That's why we're sticking to the promise we gave from the onset of the pandemic - if you're booking a Track Day with GP Days, there is absolutely no risk.

In case a GP Days Track Day has to be cancelled due to restricitions of the local government, you have two choices:

  1. You can request a full refund of your Track Day Fee
  2. You can receive a full credit for one of our upcoming Track Days

That's our promise and is simply there, so you can book our Track Days without having to think about potentially being affected by any restrictions being in place at the time of the event.

On a lighter note, we are planning to offer more than double the amount of Track Days than last year! We are waiting for confirmation for some dates on the following tracks:

  1. Bilster Berg
  2. Clastres
  3. Circuit Zanndvoort
  4. Circuit Charade
  5. Circuit Mettet 
  6. Croix-en-Ternois
  7. Circuit Zandvoort
  8. Dijon Prenois
  9. Racepark Meppen
  10. Spa Francorchamps (that's a tough one though)

It would be great to hear if there are any tracks you're missing or would like to race on! You can simply comment below and let us now!

Let's keep all our fingers crossed for the new season. We cannot wait to welcome you on track again! 


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  • Tom Dostert

    1. Goodyear Circuit in Luxemburg.
    2. Nürburg GP
    3. Spa

    Greets, Tom

  • Cüneyt Alikara

    It would be nice to drive next year in :
    1. Bilster Berg
    2. Clastres
    3. Zandvoort
    5. Mettet
    8. Dijon
    10. Spa

    And 11. Zolder or 12. Nürburg GP would be great too.

    Greets, Cüneyt

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