COVID-19: Regular Update (3)

Hi all…

…and welcome to our third COVID-19 newsletter. Similar to our previous updates, we want to keep you posted on the recent developments for our Track Days at Bilster Berg, in Mettet as well as Dijon. In addition, we want to provide a quick overview of the steps we’re taking to increase the possibility of our Track Days being able to run as planned!


There have not been any major developments in Germany since our newsletter we published last week. The government has scheduled a press conference for the 6th May. We had a discussion with the Bilster Berg management and decided to wait for the upcoming statement in order to decide the next steps we are taking.

The German Foreign Office has prolonged its worldwide travel warning for German citizens until the 14th June. However, this should not directly influence potential travel to and from the Schengen area. As of now, we expect people from Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark etc. to be able to travel to our Track Day. Some states are already discussing to open hotels at the end of May / beginning of June (Lower Saxony).

On another note, the “Touristenfahrten” seem to have been running relatively smoothly over the last couple of days which gives us hope, that the authorities will recognise the fact that Track Days relatively low risk when it comes to the likleyhood of Corona-Infections.


We have not heard of any new developments in Belgium, with the current ease of the lockdown measures still running to according to the plan we summarised in our last update.


In France, the lockdown seems to be rolled back as planned with restrictions continuously being reduced.

Seeing that there has been news, that sporting events with less than 5.000 spectators are potentially permitted on a case-by-case basis starting August 1st, we are fairly optimistic that our Track Day in Dijon on the 31st July will go forward.

In the end, we will rarely be more than 100 people incl. staff during our Track Days.


We are currently working on an action plan regarding all our Track Days. This includes a detailed description of all measures, our process as well as technology in place to ensure a mostly contactless registration, check-in and other protective actions.

Our aim is to share this plan with the track operators as well as the local authorities throughout the coming week in order to show that we are on top of things and able to run the event as safe as possible. All participants will receive an outline of this plan as soon as we had the chance to speak with all the decision-makers involved.

If you haven't done so already, please don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on developments regarding COVID-19 and our Track Days at all times!

Stay healthy!

  • Your GP Days Team


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