E-Briefing Mettet 2019

Welcome to our first E-Briefing for our upcoming Trackday in Mettet. This is the first version we ever published, so you can expect that this format improves drastically in the future!

Please confirm you watched the video here: CONFIRM

If you have further questions regarding the briefing, please let us know on Friday morning. We will also do a voluntary briefing at 8:40am in the morning.

Drivers Briefing Overview

1. General Information

  • You are only allowed to drive if you wear a green wrist band
  • Passengers must wear a purple wrist band
  • The wrist bands are handed out once you signed your liability waivers (Drivers & Passengers) as well as confirmed you watched the E-Briefing video (Confirm here) or attended our onsite drivers briefing
  • You can also be a passenger if you wear a green wrist band
  • Drivers and passengers must wear a helmet at all times while on track
  • Cars must be equipped with a tow-hook before entering the track (front or rear)

2. Joining the track

  • You are only allowed to enter the track if the pitlane light is green or if we give you a sign
  • Upon joining, stick to the very right of the track until the racing line is free – Watch your mirrors
  • Cars already on the track have the right of way
  • If you’re already on the track, try to give space to the drivers joining the track

3. Overtaking

  • You can overtake on the left and right side of the track
  • If you want to overtake right before a corner only do so if you can be sure the slower driver has seen you
  • The faster driver is responsible for overtaking safely
  • The slow driver should use the indicators to show on which side the faster car can overtake
  • Indicate right (I’m staying on the right, please overtake left)
  • Indicate left (I’m staying on the left, please overtake on the right)

4. Flags

  • Refer to our driving rules for information on all the flags you may encounter during our track day
  • Most important of all: If you see a yellow flag, slow down! There might be marshals on the track who are recovering a broken-down vehicle or a vehicle may block the track. Be ready to come to a full stop quickly at all times
  • We have 0-Tolerance for people ignoring a yellow or any other flag signal. You may be excluded from the event immediately if you don’t slow down under a yellow flag or disobey any other flag signal
  • If you see a red flag, behave the same as you would under yellow but return to the Pitlane immediately

 5. Leaving the track

  • Indicate to the right early to let people know you’re slowing down to enter the Pitlane and let your car cool down one lap before
  • Don’t cross the racing line while entering the pitlane
  • The speed limit in the Pitlane is 30kmh

6. Other

  • If you drive a non-street legal car, remember that there is no petrol station on the track. Bring some canisters and use the Total petrol station approximately 200m from the track
  • We have one air compressor in the pitlane for you to adjust your tyre pressure throughout the day
  • Remember to bring some basic tools – We will have a jack in case you need to lift your car up, just speak to us in case you need it

You can download the Briefing Overview here

How to get there?



Rue Saint-Donat 6, 5640 Mettet, Belgium