A perfect day of Summer!

A first day of proper summer probably summarises this day best! Our second Track Day of the year at Circuit Mettet has been pretty uneventful - in a very positive sense!

With many of the Mettet regulars attending, check-in went super quick. It was a again one of those days where the Paddock was almost empty at 8:00am almost making us feel like we showed up at the wrong day.

Shortly after though, the first participants started to arrive and the Paddock became a bit more lively. After making use of the free coffee in the morning, all cars were unloaded and prepared for the morning Open Pitlane session starting at 9:00am sharp.

The entire morning session ran incredibly well until we saw some smoke forming in the first sector, followed after some radio calls from race control mentioning a potential oil spill on track which resulted in a red flag.

Unfortunately they were right on one of our participants had to stop his car due to an oil cooler hose coming loose. While unfortunately this meant the day came to an early end for him, the engine seemed to have survived the oil starvation without any lasting effects. After a quick clean-up of the track by the great marshals at Circuit Mettet, the session continued without any further incidents.

The following 60 minutes lunch break is always a good opportunity to catch up with the participants in the paddock and grab a quick bite before the lights turn green again for the 4h long afternoon Open Pitlane Session.

As the session ran completely incident free, we actually cannot even say much, except that from around 4:00pm onwards the track became noticeably emptier as many people started to pack-up for their trip home with the last hour between 5:00pm - 6:00pm just showing around 5 cars on track on average - epic to drive!

Overall, it's been an absolutely amazing day at our almost "home track" in Mettet! We cannot wait to be back in October!

If you want to check out even more pictures of this Track Day, head over to our Flickr Account: Track Day Gallery

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