GP Marketing (Working Student)


At GP we're absolutely in love with all things cars. Especially going fast! To accelerate our Social Media growth, we're in need of a High Performance Poster!

Be it classic Instagram Posts, Reels or that TikTok thingy everyone is speaking about at the moment…we are trying our best but our setup definitely needs some tweaking to squeeze out the last tenth until we reach a new lap record.

If you are a true Petrolhead and know your way around Social Media like a Formula 1 Champion around Spa Francorchamps and maybe have some idea about how to shoot some cool short clips, let us know!


  • Create Instagram posts, edit Reels and TikTok videos and manage our paid ad campaigns
  • Design some crazy things with Photoshop, or Illustrator if you prefer
  • Travel with us to epic car events to photo and film exciting stuff - including our own Track Days
  • To sum up: Make our Social Media presence play with the big boys!


Apart from knowing your way around Instagram and TikTok, it would be great if you know how to use the Facebook - well now Meta - Business and Ads Manager to truly maximise our not so big ad budget.

If you also have an eye to shoot great videos (preferably with your phone) so they are Social Media ready, we'll never let you go…be prepared!


We are a very small international Team so speaking fluent German and English is sort of a must. Any additional language is a huge plus and as France is very important for our activities, we'll promise you'll get a croissant each morning if you're fluent in writing and speaking and can create content "à la fran­çaise".

As motorsports is dangerous, attention to detail is very important. So is the ability to analyse telemetry data and discuss with the team what needs changing to achieve the best possible outcome - yes, this means it would be great if you are able to communicate well and provide your Team with regular reporting to see what's working and how we could potentially increase our performance.


  • Yes don't worry you'll get a Salary (Well we have to anyways)
  • You guessed it, Holidays are also sort of a must. You'll get that as well and even more than is required!
  • We're small and easy going, so you can work with us in the GP HQ or from home
  • You can always take your car to our Track Days (if you're into this - hopefully)
  • Working at GP means you'll have a real opportunity to make an impact and grow together with us


You'll obviously need at least 25 years of experience and…wait…no that's of course not quite right.

To be honest, we don't really have any strict requirements. Please just show us some of your work you have done in the past or tell us about some projects you have worked on which you think are relevant for what we are looking for. Send us your Portfolio (if that's what you call it) together with your CV and we'll get back to you quickly!

Bonus points will be awarded if you send us a short video application to showcase your skills!!!

  • Please send everything to Falk via falk[at]


After you've sent us your application, we'll promise to get back to you within 7 days!