Track Day FAQ

What is a Track Day?

In simple terms: A Track Day offers you the opportunity to experience your car on a racetrack, enhance your driving ability and really get to know your own as well as your car's limits. On top of that, it's a lot of fun!

However you must remember one thing at all times: A Track Day with GP Days is not a race or test day for professional race teams! Of course, we want you to drive your car fast but safety is our top priority at GP Days!

Open Pitlane. What else?

At GP Days, we want to maximise your track time while experiencing as little disruption and traffic as possible. That is why you will not ever see a sessioned or grouped track day with us - we are exclusively running open pitlane days.

What exactly is Open Pitlane?

An Open Pitlane track day gives you maximum flexibility. There is no limit on how much you can drive and you will be able to decide when you enter and leave the track throughout the day. The only disruption you will experience is a mandatory lunch break.

This means you can leave the track any time to take a break, adjust tyre pressures, tweak your setup or have a chat with your mates - or with us for that matter!

You can decide whether you want to drive a couple of long stints, divide your day into several shorter stints, or simply ride in the passenger seat with some other participants or our GP Taxi.

Even though you could literally drive the whole day, remember that neither your car nor yourself will be able to handle a whole day of driving. With GP Days, Open Pitlane means you theoretically get 6h to 8h of pure track time per track day!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Do I have to wear a helmet? Oh yes! Drivers and passengers have to wear a helment on track at all times!

I do not have a helmet. Can I rent one? Unfortunately, we do not offer helmet rentals at this stage.

Am I allowed to take any car to a GP Days track day? Street and non-street legal cars are permitted to our track days. However, they have to be safe for your use and must adhere to the local noise regulations! Due to safety reason, we do not permit open wheelers or very light vehicles (see example) to our track days. 

Will I be insured? Generally speaking, your insurance will not cover any damages done to your car, the cars of other participants or the track infrastructure. We highly advise that - if you have a street-legal car - you speak to your insurance provider to check the exact terms for coverage. 

Please remember, that non-street legal cars must be covered by a third-party liability insurance (track day insurance) if you want to participate in our track days. 

But what happens if I have an accident? It is good that you ask although luckily we can say, that accidents rarely happen during track days. In general, everyone is liablie for their own damages on track. There is no liability between the participants during our track days.

This means that if you crash, you are liable for all the damages you have done to your car and the track infrastructure. Depending on what you damage on the track (e.g. armco), the repairs can be quite costly. 

The same goes for crashes between participants (absolute worst case). In this case - except you find an agreement between yourselfs - everyone is responsible solely for the damage done to their own car.

Can I run on slick tyres during your track days? Yes, you can run on slick tyres as long as the circuit is dry.

Can I book additional drivers? Of course you can! Depending on the track, we'll charge between €30 - €100 for an additional driver. Please be aware that only two additional drivers are allowed per car unless otherwise agreed on before the event.

Can I take passengers? Sure! At GP Days, passengers can ride along free of charge! However, please get in touch with us ahead of the event if you want to take more than two passengers.

Are you taking photos on track? Yes, our photographer is present on all of our Track Days (unless otherwise stated). You will receive a link to our Track Day Gallery after the event where you will be able to download all of your pictures in high resolution free of charge.

What is the GP E-Briefing and will there be a briefing on-site? We are one of the first track day organisers who completely switched to an "online-only" briefing since GP Days was founded in 2019. This means, that the traditional drivers briefing in the wee hours of the morning is no longer necessary! Rest assured though: Our Team is there to answer any of your questions before the event or on the day itself - although we do not think it is necessary after you watched our E-Briefing. Our top-priority is that you have a safe day on track!

The E-Briefing will available around 10 days before the Track Day.

    General Rules (Overview):


    • You may overtake on the left and right side
    • No matter how fast you think you are, you are required to check your mirrors frequently. If you spot a car that hasn’t been there before it’s faster than you! To facilitate an easy overtake use your indicators
      • Indicate right: I’m staying on the right (Overtake left)
      • Indicate left: I’m staying left (Overtake right)
    • If you want to overtake, always make sure the other driver has seen you
    • You are generally allowed to overtake on any part of the track, however if we or the track marshals spot you pulling of dangerous manoeuvres such as overtaking in braking zones without knowing the other driver has seen you, you may be excluded from the event
    • If you want to use the pitlane during a session, use your indicator to show others you’re leaving the track
    • Please approach any of the GP Days Team Members or Track Officials if you feel that another driver is endangering others


    • Yellow Flag: Danger! Absolutely no overtaking. Reduce your speed immediately. A GREEN flag indicates the track is clear
    • Blue Flag: Faster Car Approaching! Get ready to be overtaken and watch your mirrors!
    • White Flag: Slow car on the track! A slow car such as a tow truck is on the track. Don’t take unnecessary risks and slow down!
    • Red and Yellow Flag: Slippery Surface, slow down! Expect the track to be slippery, because of rain or dirt etc.
    • Red Flag: Session aborted. Slow down and return to the pitlane immediately.
    • Black Flag: We need to have a word. Often shown together with your grid number. Please get back to the pitlane immediately.
    • Chequered Flag: End of session. Slow down, and use the last lap to cool down your car!

    Behaviour in case of a technical problem or accident:

    • If you have a technical problem and suspect you are leaking any fluids, get of the racing line immediately. Where possible, stop next to a marshal post to ensure a speedy recovery of your vehicle. Do not stop on a grass patch or in the gravel to avoid oil contaminaiting the soil!
    • If you came to a stop on track due to an accident or a technical issue, remain in the car (with your helmet on!) until the marhsals indicate that it is safe to leave your car