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Please select the Date for your Track Day and the corresponding items you need. 

Track Day Slot: One (1) driver and one (1) car 

Additional Driver: A spot for an additional driver (only in combination with a full Track Day Slot!) 

Passenger / Spectator: A spot for a person you want to take along for your Track Day. Please remember, that passengers need to be at least 18 years of age. There're no age-restrictions for spectators. 

Hangar: If you want a private space for you and your group of friends, you can book a a Hangar which offers space for up to 12 cars.

Coach: Book a professional coach, either for half or a full day. Please note that you also need to book a full Track Day Slot!

Once you have booked your Track Day / Items, you will receive a confirmation
E-Mail (Please also check your SPAM-Folder and contact us, in case you
haven't received any E-Mail after your booking!).

The E-Mail will contain a summary of your booking as well as additional information for your Track Day. 

Approx. 10 days before the Track Day, you will receive a first E-Mail with preliminary information.  

Approx. 5 days before the Track Day, you will receive an E-Mail with a link to our E-Briefing (very important!) 

Approx. 2 days before the Track Day, you will receive an E-Mail with final
information including the timing for your trailer drop-off and anything
else that is important for your day! 

One (1) Passenger or spectator is included in your Track Day slot! 

Please book an "Extra Passenger"-slot for each additional person you wish to take with you. 

If necessary, you can pay any additional persons on-site. Please keep in mind that we may ask you to wait during peak check-in time in order to avoid delays. 

Please remember, that everyone will have to sign our online liability waiver (E-Waiver) which is included in the E-Briefing.

For our Track Days at Bilster Berg, we need the exact make, model and year of production of the car you are using. 

 For example: BMW E46 M3 (2002). Simply stating BMW or BMW M3 is not enough! 

You don't necessarily have to provide vehicle information upon booking. We'll ask you for all details regarding your car during the E-Briefing process approx. five (5) days prior to the Track Day. 

That's usually no problem! Please refer to our "Cancellation Policy". 

With our "GP Days Promise" you can book your Track Day almost risk-free! 

Are you interested in getting an insurance for your car during our Track Days or a "Cancellation Insurance" to have some extra peace of mind?

Then contact us and we will refer you to one of our partners!

We don't allow any car rental services or driving experience providers during our Track Days.

If we notice that a vehicle is being rented to other drivers, or there is an unusual number of passengers, we
reserve the right to refuse participation without any right for a refund / reimbursement.  

For more information, please refer to our Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) 

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Germany's most beautiful roller coaster!

More about this Track Day

Designed by famous architect Hermann Tilke - the mind behind several Formula 1 circuits - and approved by rally legend Walter Röhrl, this track did not have a choice but to be truly epic!
Nestled in the Teutoburg Forest (Central Germany), Bilster Berg boasts a variety of blind corners, sheer drops (up to 26%) and highly technical sections. It is a unique and challenging circuit that many people compare to the Nordschleife - rightly so!

[1] General Track Day Information

Track Day Format

  • Open Pitlane (8h track time)
  • 9:00am - 5:00pm (No mandatory lunch Break)
  • Sample Schedule (Download)

Vehicle Restrictions

  • Street and non-street legal cars are permitted to participate
  • You may run slick tyres if the track conditions are suitable
  • No Open-Wheelers (i.e. Formula Cars), SUVs and "Kart-Like" Vehicles allowed
  • Convertibles are only allowed to participate if a roll bar is fitted
  • Please notify us before booking if you're driving an electric vehicle and/or hybrid car
For more information on our vehicle restrictions, please refer to our FAQ

Noise Limit

  • ~98db(A) - Please click here for more information on the special regulation at Bilster Berg
  • No matter the car you are using, if you have a silencer available, make use of it! We all want to enjoy our hobby for as long as we can

Mandatory Equipment

  • Drivers and Passengers must wear a helmet at all times while on track
  • JET-Helmets are only allowed in closed vehicles. Drivers and passengers of convertibles (roof down) or vehicles with no, or only small windshields (e.g. Caterham, X-Bow, Ariel Atom, etc.) must wear a full-face helmet
  • All cars must be fitted with a tow hook / towing eye (front or rear) before entering the circuit

Age & Licence Restrictions

  • Drivers and Passengers must be 18 years of age (we cannot make any exceptions here); no age restrictions for spectators
  • Drivers must hold a valid EU (or equivalent) driver's licence

Number of Participants

  • The number of participants is strictly limited to 65
  • There will never be more than 30 cars on track at the same time

Type of Event

GP Days Track Days are strictly non-competitive and not intended to be used in order to achieve the maximum speed or fastest lap time. This is not a "Test Day", the participation of race teams is not allowed!
Each event is strictly monitored by the GP Days team and the track officials. Any participant showing any form of dangerous or reckless behaviour will be excluded from the event without prior warning.

[2] What's included?

  • Professional images will be provided in high resolution, included in the price and without watermarks. Check out our Track Day Gallery
  • Open Bar with coffee, drinks and little snacks (cereal bars, etc.)
  • One (1) Passenger or Spectator can be brought along free of charge
  • Our "GP Days E-Briefing": No early morning drivers briefing, full attention and the possibility to ask questions well ahead of the event from the comfort of your home
  • A cancellation policy with a peace of mind! In case you can't make it and we find a replacement driver, you will receive a full reimbursement. For more information, please check our "Cancellation Policy"


Benefit from our cooperation with RacetrackCoach ("RTC") and book your highly qualified coach right through our Homepage.
Available Coaching Packages
  • Personal Coach Package (Half Day / One Driver): Offers you exclusive access to an RTC Coach for half a day. Perfect if you are an intermediate to experienced track driver and are new to the track or want to optimise your driving technique
  • Personal Coach Pro Package (Full Day / One Driver): Offers you exclusive access to an RTC Coach for an entire day if you really want to double down on your driving technique and get the most of your Track Day with GP Days!

[4] Address and Facilities

How to get there

Facilities and additional information

  • There is a petrol station (card payment only) and compressor to adjust tyre pressures in the upper paddock
  • Trailer drop-off the day prior to the Track Day is possible (You will receive more information in our E-Briefing)
  • You will not be able to sleep in the Paddock
  • A food truck will be present during lunch (to be paid by the participants)

Hotels in the area

If you have any further questions regarding our Bilster Berg Track Days, you can use the "Ask a Question"-Button below to get in touch with our team!

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