RTC Coaching

The new way of Track Day Coaching is here!

Racetrack Coach GmbH ("RTC") offers coaching solutions for all our Track Days. Thanks to our close cooperation, you will have access to the large pool of RTC’s coaches right through our homepage. It’s never been easier to book a coach and becoming a faster and safer driver on track!

What exactly is RTC?

Founded by professional racing driver Florian Boehnisch, RTC’s app-based platform connects Track Day enthusiasts with highly qualified coaches. The app - available for iOS and Android – enables your coach to send all the results of your session straight to your RTC app-profile, no matter whether it’s his written notes, video recordings or other resources.

This gives you the opportunity to revisit your coaching sessions wherever and whenever you want. In addition, RTC offers one of the largest and most detailed racetrack databases you can find including circuit maps and descriptions giving you a head start before you get behind the wheel during your Track Day.

In the end, the Racetrack Coach app becomes the “personal coach in your pocket” representing one further step on our route to digitising your Track Day experience!

Available Coaching Packages

As with everything we do at GP Days, we try to be flexible and offer a solution that’s tailored for your needs. To make things a bit easier though, we are generally offering two types of coaching packages.

  1. The Personal Coach Package

If you book the "Personal Coach" package, you will get access to a shared coach throughout the entire day. Shared means, that the coach will have one other student to attend to. In the end, both of you will take coaching in turns throughout the day effectively giving you half a day of pure coaching! The perfect package to freshen up on your skills or even making your first steps on the track.

  1. The Personal Coach PRO Package

The "Personal Coach Pro" package offers you exclusive access to an RTC coach for an entire day. This is the perfect package for anyone wanting to truly double down on their driving performance, unleashing the full potential of themselves and their car!

What happens if you book a Coaching via GP Days and RTC?

Once you select "RTC Coaching" as an extra via our website, RTC will scan its database for a suitable coach. The selection depends on the language you speak, the track and general availability.

Once a coach has been selected, you will be notified via e-mail. If you want to, you can get in touch with your dedicated coach before the Track Day to discuss any special requirements you may have.

Let us know in case you have any further questions on RTC and our coaching solutions!